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The Advanced Bitchifesto also gives you a roadmap to use if you're feeling stuck in your CPTSD healing work and you don't know what to work on, you can choose any of the tenets and then simply follow the thread of how you will accomplish it.

What is the Advanced Bitchifesto?

I wrote it in the early days when someone asked me what it meant to be an Advanced Bitch?

Being an Advanced Bitch isn't just something we say, but something that actually shows up in our behavior. And the Advanced Bitchifesto tenets contain the behaviors.

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Many Advanced Bitches print it out and keep it close so they can refer back to it.  One way you can use the printout is to rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 on each of the tenets (one being you don't have this trait at all or 10 you live this way most of the time).  Then, put it away for 2-6 months, print it out again and rate yourself again.  Finally, pull out your original sheet and compare the current one and your original one.  You will be amazed how your numbers go up and up and up!!!!  So excited for you.

Download Your Copy