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Elizabeth Kupferman is a professional on a mission, providing an authentic perspective that revisits the five stages of grief and addresses the norms surrounding grief coping. She wants you to feel the “feels” whatever they may be. 

The Irreverent Grief Guide is an utterly practical book that bears witness to ALL grief forms: the rage, the tears, or the absence of tears.  The author is a champion and cheerleader for the grief process: manage a shower today (badass), skipped the shower and just doused yourself with cologne (your essence is perfection), spontaneous meltdown in a bathroom stall at work (proud of you). Whatever you are feeling is RIGHT!

Navigating grief is beautifully unique, even when it sucks. Possessing see-spot-run concepts, at certain times, can make a huge difference when confronted with the torturous terrain of death. Elizabeth understands that a griever does not have time to smile at one more platitude AND absorb psychological concepts surrounding grief.  

This moment in time is about survival with no space for guilt or shame.  The Irreverent Grief Guide is structured, in manageable bite size pieces to accommodate the internal grief-laden minefield we all must navigate. The author is in your corner, bearing witness to the “hit” you took, guiding and cursing with you, through the tortuous terrain of the months ahead. 

Elizabeth knows that grief isn’t pretty, obvious, or predictable, and it most certainly is not just, “getting over it.” There has been an irretrievable loss in your life and this guide honors that. It is an honest, cut to the chase rethinking on grief, based on 14 years of clinical experience witnessing grievers struggle and navigate their lives with one less person in their inner circle.


Sara Cobb, Founder of My Grief Connection

“This is the guide to grief you didn't know you needed. Grief is loaded, but you can handle it, and even wear your grief like a freakin' crown with Elizabeth's cheeky guide by your side.”

Carly Lincoln

“I can visualize both the heartbroken and the angry mourners turning pages in this book. When Elizabeth discusses the deceased person still influencing the living...well that hit deep.”

Sarah Barthelmes, MS, NCC

“Elizabeth is the bitch that’s going to get you through this. Grief is the beautiful nightmare that comes for us all whether we are ready for it or not and whether we like it or not.”