By now you’ve seen or heard of the Cycle of Abuse. What you haven’t seen are 5 practical and useable ways to get off and out of the Cycle. My exclusive 3-day video series offers insightful, actionable guidance to help you recognize, understand, and navigate the complexities of abusive, dysfunctional, and toxic patterns in relationships.

Here's what you'll discover:

Day 1: The Cycle of Abuse 101

Learn about the cycle of abuse, its stages, and why it's so challenging to break free. This session sets the groundwork for understanding the dynamics at play.

Day 2: Two Tools to Immediately Get You Out of the Cycle

I will teach you two tools with examples that can lead you away from rewounding and toward healing and escaping the madness of the Cycle.

Day 3: Breaking the Cycle

I will give you 3 more tools so you can become less swept away by the chaos and confusion of the cycle and how and where you can apply these tools at home, work, and school. These tools work in any toxic system.


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Understanding the Cycle of Abuse/Dysfunction and how to get off of it is one of the non-negotiable tools that Advanced Bitches use to get conscious, heal their relationships and at the same time, the extra fairy dust is that healing gets automatically applied to your CPTSD because it all lives in your same wonderful psyche.

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