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Getting Misdiagnosed as a CPTSD Kid

cptsd May 28, 2024

Magical Lesson:

In this video, I answer a question about Attachment and getting misdiagnosed when you have CPTSD.  If we follow the thread of our issues, we can see that most if not all have their roots in some kind of childhood pain. 

Magical Action Step*:

A few questions you can ask yourself when you’re frustrated with a certain pattern or behavior you don’t like (including a diagnosis) are:

When did this start?

How do I talk to myself about this behavior? (and then – who does that voice sound like?)

If your behavior is a substance or something you’d like to stop, ask yourself how it’s helping you.

What if this behavior is saving the day for you until you finally feel safe enough?

What if this behavior is a prayer from childhood that’s been answered?

Ask the behavior or pain focal point what it needs you to know.

All I can tell you is that whatever your pain is, it has served an incredible purpose – because you’re still here – reading this with me right as I write it. I’m so proud of you. I love doing this work with you!!!!!!!!!


*Disclaimer: Although I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, I offer these Advanced Lessons in Personal Growth and Magical Action Step as a CPTSD Kid who is doing the work to heal and sharing the magic I learn along the way. In the 12 step world, we call that sharing our experience, strength, and hope. This is not intended to be psychotherapy. Some of the lessons and assignments could be triggering, so I recommend if you do find them triggering to stop reading/not try them and to immediately seek the support and expertise of a professional psychotherapist.



With so much love and fairy dust,


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