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Healing Requires Action

complex ptsd healing Mar 19, 2024

Hello, hello, hello…good to see you!

Magical Lesson:

Many years ago, I was waiting for a 12-step recovery meeting to start and I was struggling with relapse. I was feeling defeated and wanted to “start again on Monday.” BTW - The addiction is never interested in you starting today – it’s always kicking the can down the road. And it’s the same with Complex PTSD issues and codependency.

Distracting me from my despair, I could see through the window a nursing home van pull up and a few minutes later a woman in her 80’s make her way to the meeting. I had so much empathy for her, but I was slapped in the face with my future.

If I don’t do whatever it takes now, I will still be hating my body, still be obsessed with my weight, still wondering if my trigger foods need to be eliminated, still longing to disappear with food – that is if my eating disorder doesn’t kill me first and never allow me to reach an older age.

If we don’t feel like we’re enough now, we won’t when we’re 80. If we don’t feel like we deserve good things now, we won’t when we’re 80. If we don’t love ourselves now, it won’t happen. If you feel like a fraud/imposter now, you will always feel that way. Time doesn’t fix this. Only a consistent commitment to advanced personal growth ACTION does. Only a fierce commitment to self-actualization and individuation and the actions that go with that does.


Magical Action Step*:

Take a moment to acknowledge the actions you took 10 years ago, then 5 years ago and then 1 year ago. What actions are being asked of you now? What needs to change?

*Disclaimer: Although I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, I offer these Advanced Lessons in Personal Growth and Magical Action Step as a CPTSD Kid who is doing the work to heal and sharing the magic I learn along the way. In the 12-step world, we call that sharing our experience, strength, and hope. This is not intended to be psychotherapy. Some of the lessons and assignments could be triggering, so I recommend if you do find them triggering to stop reading/not try them and to immediately seek the support and expertise of a professional psychotherapist.

With so much love and fairy dust,



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