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I Should Do Something Because My Wife Hinted She Wanted It

cptsd ladder of trust May 21, 2024

Hello, hello, hello…good to see you!

Magical Lesson:

Last week I sent you an excerpt from The Irreverent Trust Guide, so this week I made a video to show you how I would use the tool on a particular question.  I applied The Ladder of Trust on a question to an advice columnist on what a husband’s next steps should be when his wife hinted that she wanted something.

Enjoy the video here.  If you click through to YouTube, please subscribe to a bitch while you’re there.  Thank you!

Get the Irreverent Trust Guide here

If you’re grieving, you can get the Irreverent Grief Guide here


Magical Action Step*:

Know that you do not have to worry about who or what to trust in the future – the Ladder of Trust makes it safer for CPTSD kids like us to walk around in the world.  You just have to USE the tool.

Also, you can send me a question or scenario that you’re having trouble using the Ladder of Trust with and I can make a video. 


*Disclaimer:  Although I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, I offer these Advanced Lessons in Personal Growth and Magical Action Step as a CPTSD Kid who is doing the work to heal and sharing the magic I learn along the way.  In the 12 step world, we call that sharing our experience, strength, and hope.  This is not intended to be psychotherapy.  Some of the lessons and assignments could be triggering, so I recommend if you do find them triggering to stop reading/not try them and to immediately seek the support and expertise of a professional psychotherapist. 


With so much love and fairy dust,


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