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addiction advanced bitches complex ptsd conscious living consciously ptsd recovery May 17, 2022

You may have noticed that I am not as active on social media as I used to be – especially on Instagram.  I know some of you worry about me being sick or falling into the depths of despair, so I felt it was important to let you to know what tf is up.  I didn’t want any of you to worry about me.  

Instagram isn’t as fond of me as it used to be - I may have been shadow banned or perhaps since I’m not really for the masses, I have reached the limit of people who are interested in my very odd (yet magical) ways.  I am completely at peace with this and have taken it as a sign to put my energies elsewhere.  I always follow the thread and when a particular thread runs out, I thank that thread for bringing me as far as it did and then I skip along following the other magical threads. 

Before I had the Advanced Bitches Membership, I had more so much more time to focus on social media.  If you’re wondering what happened to Ask an Advanced Bitch, it’s alive and well on the membership site. 

And speaking of my membership program – it is a highlight of my life and I am taking more off of my socials to nurture it and do everything I can to make it easy to use and safe (if you’re a member, thank you so much for being there), so if you’re wondering where a bitch is and what she’s up to – you will find me there.  

I’m not deleting IG (yet?) and will be reposting some of the memes that have made me laugh the hardest, just in case there’s another lil CPTSD kid out there that doesn’t yet know how magical they are.  You’ve already seen that shit, so I promise you won’t hurt my feelings if you unfollow me.  YouTube is also in a holding pattern, and I’ll be interested to see if that changes or not.  

The newsletter will still be weekly except for fairy dust replenishing and my TikTok thread is still as glittery AF, so that’s another place you’ll find me.

I’ve said all along that the point of Advanced Personal Growth Work is so that we can live fully and that is exactly what I’m doing with my sabaticalish.  Part of what’s always been important to me is that I model what I teach.  My words are meaningless and hollow and will not fucking resonate if I don’t actualize them.  I owe it to you, my family (living amends) and the legacy of the therapist/Dumbledore who healed my ass to not miss my life.  

I’ve been thinking a lot about the hero’s/heroine’s journey (hey MJ) and I think this is all about me leveling up and receiving a new call of adventure.  And bitch, I am going to answer it and I cannot wait to see where it takes me (including when it all hits the fan because that’s part of it too!).  And I absolutely love that so many of you – maybe even all of you will be my allies along the way.  


Magical Assignment:

Where are you in your hero’s/heroine’s journey?  Google Image Search the hero’s journey and see if you can place an X – You are Here on it (trust yourself – you know).  Ask yourself what would be the cost if you proceeded to the next spot and then ask yourself, what’s the cost if you don’t.


Sending love and fairy dust,

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